Welcome to Fertility Awareness!

Reply fertility educators teach fertility awareness to all interested patients. Fertility awareness is based on observing and recording the body’s signs of fertility. These signs, when monitored, provide an important profile of a patient’s overall health. A patient can learn fertility awareness whether her cycle is regular or irregular.

Once a woman learns to identify her signs of fertility, she can use fertility awareness cycle charting in multiple ways:

• Health Monitoring: Cycle charting can be an important tool to help patients monitor and understand their health. A woman’s individual cycle pattern gives clues about how her reproductive organs and hormones are functioning. With this information, our clinic team is better able to tailor our care to her needs. Sometimes, unknown health issues can even be identified and treated before they become a problem.

• Plan a Pregnancy: Cycle charting can be used to pinpoint the best times for intercourse when couples are trying to have a baby. Our clinic team relies on cycle charting to schedule tests and medications for couples undergoing fertility treatment.

• Postpone or Avoid Pregnancy: Cycle charting gives couples the flexibility to choose when to have intercourse based on their pregnancy goals. This can be an excellent family planning option for couples wishing to postpone or avoid pregnancy without using artificial barriers, chemicals, or devices.

There are a number of fertility awareness methods, natural family planning methods, and health apps that teach or promote fertility awareness. Patients may have prior experience with cycle charting. Our clinical team is happy to work with patients using any method.

For health monitoring and those new to fertility awareness, we will help patients decide on a method that is right for them. For those trying to have a baby, we teach Listen Fertility™. For those wishing to postpone or avoid pregnancy, we also teach a German method called Sensiplan™.

Listen Fertility and Sensiplan are taught in private or group sessions at Reply. During educational sessions, patients can expect to:

    •  meet with a fertility educator
    •  learn what a “normal” menstrual cycle looks like
    •  learn how to chart their own cycles
    •  understand the role hormones play in a woman’s reproductive cycle
    •  correctly identify the beginning and end of the fertile window using natural body signs
    •  confidently identify the PEAK mucus day
    •  build confidence in their charting ability
    •  collaborate with a clinic team to create a personalized health care plan

Become a Patient

Reply is welcoming new patients for fertility awareness education. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 919.230.2100 or visit our Become a Patient page.